New salary requirement for 457
From July 1, 2010 the TSMIT (Temporary Sponsored Migration Income Threshold) has been increased from $45,220 to $47,480. The five percent increase is based on the annual seasonally adjusted wage change for all Australians.

The TSMIT is the minimum salary that can be paid to a 457 holder for them to qualify for the visa. The TSMIT needs to be considered in conjunction with the Market Salary Rate requirement, meaning that even if a person is paid over the TSMIT, they must be paid in line with Australians in the business in the same role. When “market rates” replaced “minimum salary levels” on 14 September 2009, the TSMIT was introduced. If the market rate for an occupation is below TSMIT, then that occupation cannot be nominated for a 457 visa.

If you currently have a 457 application lodged, or are intending to lodge a 457 application in the future, please contact Karen or Brenda in the TEP office for more information.

27 May 2019
Changes to Regional Visa Pathways
Changes to regional visas coming in November 2019.