Need help with a visa?

TEP has been dealing with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) regularly since 1996 through its exchange program, bringing more than 1000 trainees to work in rural and equine industries Australia. In addition, we have been offering professional migration advice through registered migration agents since 2002.

We have the following qualified and experienced Migration Agent on hand to help with any queries you have relating to visa applications and Australian migration law -

1. Brenda McDonough - Migration Agent Registration Number 0213896

Brenda has had many years of experience handing visa applications and migration issues and are particularly skilled when it comes to both temporary and permanent employer sponsored categories.

TEP offers migration advice primarily in the following categories: -
• Temporary and Permanent employer sponsored visas
• Temporary semi-skilled employer sponsored visas
• Permanent skilled specialised (non-sponsored) visas
• Family visas, including spouse, married and de facto as well as prospective spouse

TEP is however, able to offer advice in any visa category. Please see the permanent and temporary migration pages of our website.

For many years the company has worked primarily in regional Australia and we have specialised knowledge of rural industries and the equine sector (both regional and metropolitan). We also have many corporate clients from both the business world and regional industries. Our clients include the likes of Flavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes Pty Ltd, David Hayes Racing, Emirates, Gai Waterhouse Racing Pty Ltd, Freedman Brothers Racing, Coolmore Australia and Darley Australia.

The company has an excellent migration success history, having lodged over 2500 visas in permanent and temporary categories securing a successful result. Additionally, we have had to date a better than 99% success rate with all applications lodged with DIAC that have not been withdrawn by the client.

All migration agents in Australia are bound by a Code of Conduct. More information on the Code of Conduct and the role of migration agents can be found on the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) website.

For more information on our migration service please contact us.
17 Aug 2010
TEP (formerly Stablemate) closes its recruitment section and expands the migration section
Our company has operated a recruitment agency for 20 years, commencing business in July 1990. However, since Equine Influenza and the Economic Downturn the recruitment section has declined, so the final decision has been made to shut the recruitment agency.
17 Aug 2010
New salary requirement for 457
From July 1, 2010 the TSMIT (Temporary Sponsored Migration Income Threshold) has been increased from $45,220 to $47,480. The five percent increase is based on the annual seasonally adjusted wage change for all Australians.
17 Aug 2010
New ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) minimum salary
The minimum salary for applications under ENS has increased from $45,220 to $47,480.
17 Aug 2010
Monitoring and compliance of 457 sponsors
Employers are being monitored much more closely than ever before. Employers continue to receive site visits and phone calls from DIAC officers, sometimes without warning.
17 Aug 2010
Update on visa processing times
457 – Turnaround continues to be inconsistent, however complete sponsorship applications, particularly in Sydney and Parramatta, are being turned around in approximately 4 weeks.