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So what do TEP do?

TEP (formerly Stablemate) are migration professionals, with expertise in meeting the needs of regional Australian applicants and businesses as well as those in primary and rural industries Australia wide. We have also recently developed a strong rapport with businesses in city locations with a number of restaurants and IT professionals using our service.

Here is an overview of what we do.


TEP provide professional migration advice with the services of two highly experienced migration agents with an incredibly high success rate.

We provide services in both temporary and permanent visa applications to those wishing to work or apply under the family stream to remain in Australia.

We are also expanding the service to include areas of migration not covered in the past and we will send out regular newsletters to our clients.

We have successfully negotiated with the Department of Immigration on some very challenging cases and have had an impact on a number of minor and major policy decisions.

We enjoy taking the challenges that our clients and regional Australian businesses face to decision makers within the department to the highest level.

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17 Aug 2010
TEP (formerly Stablemate) closes its recruitment section and expands the migration section
Our company has operated a recruitment agency for 20 years, commencing business in July 1990. However, since Equine Influenza and the Economic Downturn the recruitment section has declined, so the final decision has been made to shut the recruitment agency.
17 Aug 2010
New salary requirement for 457
From July 1, 2010 the TSMIT (Temporary Sponsored Migration Income Threshold) has been increased from $45,220 to $47,480. The five percent increase is based on the annual seasonally adjusted wage change for all Australians.
17 Aug 2010
New ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) minimum salary
The minimum salary for applications under ENS has increased from $45,220 to $47,480.
17 Aug 2010
Monitoring and compliance of 457 sponsors
Employers are being monitored much more closely than ever before. Employers continue to receive site visits and phone calls from DIAC officers, sometimes without warning.
17 Aug 2010
Update on visa processing times
457 – Turnaround continues to be inconsistent, however complete sponsorship applications, particularly in Sydney and Parramatta, are being turned around in approximately 4 weeks.