Our Compliance Service

If you are a sponsor, and you employ sponsored visa holders, the visa application process is only the beginning.

At TEP, we see ourselves an extension of your business. Any business owner knows regulatory compliance is a necessary evil – immigration is no different.

In these days of ‘big data’ and information sharing, it is more important than ever businesses ensure they are being compliant as both a sponsor, and when employing visa holders from overseas. The is an ever-increasing risk of monitoring, so it is essential your business is ready.

The ramifications of getting it wrong can be dire – they range from warnings right through to sanctions and large fines.

How can we help?

We offer a specialised compliance service to our clients. Our compliance packages are always tailored to business size and specific business needs, however, can cover the following:

  • Assessing eligibility of potential applicants and providing written advice without additional charge.
  • Preparation and review of organisational charts for sponsorship and nomination applications.
  • Coordination of ‘rolling’ adverts to meet LMT requirements.
  • 21-day ‘check-ins’ to monitor notifiable events and ensure sponsorship obligations are being met (i.e., notification of cessation of employment).
  • Checking the visa conditions of prospective employees prior to starting employment
  • Regular and timely updates on changes to immigration laws, and how they affect our compliance clients
  • Advice on current business sponsorship obligations for both Standard Business Sponsors and Accredited Sponsors
  • Help navigating the process of terminating sponsored employees
  • Help responding to any monitoring requests, or any other communication from the Department
If you wish to discuss our specialised service to our compliance clients, please contact us.
Not sure where to start?

If you work in the equine, horticulture, agriculture or viticulture industries or you feel like we can help you, complete our online enquiry form. If we can help, someone from our office will be in touch with next steps.